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Welcome to SY-Country


In October 2006, Florian Menius announced on the Yahoo Steam_in_China website that he no longer wished to continue updating his own QJ-Country site. Dave Fielding who had a continuing interest in the steam situation in China felt it would be a great loss if there was no longer a website with up to date information about steam on railways in China. He therefore contacted Florian about continuing the site in an altered format.

Florian accepted Dave's proposal to create a new website with a new name to prevent any confusion over who was now maintaining the information. The contents of QJ-Country were transferred to SY-Country almost unchanged, and for the next eight years Dave Fielding maintained the SY-Country website. Sadly, Dave died in October 2014. With the blessing of his brother and executor Stephen Fielding, a small group of enthusiasts took on the site to continue it both as a tribute to Dave and as a resource for the closing years of steam in China.

Support from the following people keeps SY Country both operational and ad-free. Links to their own sites and publications, which provide further information about aspects of Chinese railways, are included as appropriate: John Athersuch, Narrow Gauge Railways of China ; Duncan Cotterill, Railography ; Rob Dickinson, International Working Steam; John Raby, Linesiding with John Tours and DVDs; Michael Reilly and Bernd Seiler, FarRail.com.

Please do continue to send us brief news items and details either of links to trip reports on other websites or reports to be placed on this website. If there is a picture gallery associated with a trip, please provide the information to provide a direct link from the trip reports index.

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Michael Reilly, Taipei, Taiwan